Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mukluk Play Day

 We Finally got snow!!! It was only an inch, but that was perfect trail conditions for the Fat Bike demo. Peyton and I got up early to put the finishing touches on her new Salsa Mukluk then Loaded up the truck and headed to Quarry Ridge in Fitchburg.

We met up with Brian and set up the demo bikes for people who have never ridden a Fat Bike, and that person looking at the new models. There were a few riders who brought their own bike to ride and enjoy the perfect weather and trails. We had Salsa Mukluks, Surly Pugsleys and Moonlanders. It was great to ride the Surlys and compare the geometry's to my Mukluk.

Im 100% positive that everyone left that day with a huge smile! I know I did.

Thanks to Surly, Salsa, for loaning us the bikes, C.O.R.P., and the City of Fitchburg for the great trails!!


  1. Definitely a good time. I got my first ride on a fatbike and I'm happy to report it's just as much fun as it looks (maybe more). Sadly I don't think I am any closer to choosing a model/size.

  2. Had a blast !! Thanks to Daniel and Brian from Willy Bikes for all the info and letting me try some sweet new toys ! I love these machines