Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fatbike Mustache Beach Race

 Here are a few pictures of Tim, Peyton, Matt, Peyton SR, Molly the Wolfhound, and myself from the December 4th race in Port Washington Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. We all had a great time including Peyton who is still in the process of building up her Fatbike. This race was about 20mi out and back on the beach.
Tim and Peyton SR getting ready
Starting down the beach
Tim pedaling fast!
Peyton SR and the group
Tim pedaled a little too fast and got hot
Me in the water!

Matt and Tim


Peyton SR

Pictures taken by Greg Smith. Yuo can see his other photos of the race at:
I finally finish!
Matt finishes
Tim rolling over his beer at the finish!
Peyton talking fatbikes. Molly and peyton sr in the back ground. These pictures were taken by Gomez . You can see his pictures at:

 You can read more about the race on the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation website:

 And on

Thank you Gomez at and everyone who put the race on, and to everyone who raced!

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